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This year, as we celebrate our past, we want to empower the future entrepreneurs - the creators, innovators, and game changers who will shape Canada’s economy.

So for all Canadians who have a big idea, a passion they want to share with the world, or who are just curious about becoming an entrepreneur, we’re here to give you tools, tips, and inspiration.

We’re here to inspire you to become Canada’s next success story.

Collage of several Canadians working in commerce throughout history Collage of several Canadians working in commerce throughout history

The true north strong and free.

The truth is, our economy is driven by small business. Check out how entrepreneurship is growing in Canada.

Regional Shopify store owner growth from 2015 to 2016
Business is booming. A visual history of the growth of Shopify entrepreneurs in Canada.
Business is booming. A visual history of the growth of Shopify entrepreneurs in Canada.
Canadian small business facts*


Percentage of Canada’s economy made up by small businesses.


Percentage of Canadians want to be their own boss one day


Percentage of total private labour force made up by small businesses.


Percentage of Canadians who have started their own business.

Tobi on stage giving a talk at a conference

CEO Shopify Tobi Lütke

Take the path that leads to more entrepreneurs.

Shopify is a proudly Canadian company that helps small to medium-sized businesses around the world realize their dreams. In fact, empowering entrepreneurs is at the heart of our philosophy. By providing affordable software, we enable anyone to sell anything, anywhere, while bringing their passion to life.

Canadian Entrepreneurs in Action
  • Woodlot Vancouver, BC

    Sonia Chhinji

  • Tlicho Online Store Behchoko, NT

    John B. Zoe

  • Fogo Island Shop Fogo Island, NL

    Kingman Brewster

  • Bigarade Montreal, QC

    Geneviève Lorange

  • Too Black Guys Toronto, ON

    Adrian Aitcheson

Business success stories

Gotamago Toronto, ON

Lichia Liu & Christopher Guest

“I needed to figure out what I wanted to do and I had to live it. I had no idea what it was going to be... Read more

Cartolina Nelson, BC

Fiona Richards

When Fiona Richards became tired of working as a graphic designer for corporate clients, she decided to start her own business... Read more

Love that Bag Montreal, QC

Alice Goldbloom

“I don’t look like your typical fashion entrepreneur. And in fact, I have no retail or fashion experience. But I was completely fascinated by the e-commerce revolution... Read more

Nova Scotia Fisherman New Minas, NS

Bob Macleod

“As a small business here, we can support other small businesses in our community. When they see a new small business start, it’s always exciting... Read more

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